Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a great looking logo?

Your logo represents your company’s brand whenever a customer comes into contact with your business or website. It's the first thing they will see, so you need to make sure you stand out from the crowd and look professional.

What formats do I receive my logo in?

Your logo will be provided in a ZIP file with these various file formats:

.EPS – vector format file
.SVG – vector format file
.PDF – vector format file
.PNG – transparent pixel format file
.JPEG – pixel format file

What is vector format, and why do I need it for my logo?

To keep things simple, a vector image is made of lines and shapes, instead of pixels. This means you can resize your new logo without making it blurry. That results in a crisp looking logo, whether it's on your website or printed marketing material.

What can I do with my new logo?

All of our logos are available for you to download for a single low-cost fixed price, they’re all royalty-free, and removed from the website once purchased. This means that once you've bought and downloaded your chosen logo, you're free to use it for whatever you deem fit.

What if I'm not happy, can I return my logo?

Unfortunately, once a logo has been downloaded we can't issue a refund as you have the raw, digital files.